Case Studies

Berkeley Wilde, Chief Executive Officer of the Diversity Trust

A fairer, safer society for all

Established in 2012, the Diversity Trust’s mission is to influence social change to create a fairer and safer society for all. Led by people with lived experience, they are specialists in equality, diversity, equity and inclusion. The Trust has teams focusing on Race & Bias, Disability, LGBTQ+ and Neurodiversity.

The Trust undertakes large-scale auditing, consultancy, research, training and strategic projects across the corporate, public, private, voluntary and community sectors in the UK and internationally.

Challenge – a more strategic approach to comms, elevating its tone to grow its corporate audience

In 2019, the Trust’s previous communications associate had moved on. The Trust were looking to replace them and build out their audience and work with corporate clients and partners.

The Trust’s online following is very important for their work, to influence social change, and to support and advocate for underrepresented groups and the most marginalised members of the community.

The Trust had a well structured website, with lots of useful content, but it did not highlight the people behind the work. It also didn’t showcase the numerous clients and partners the Trust has built relationships with over the years.

The Trust was publishing newsletters and impact reports, but they required a large investment of management time to produce and were text heavy.

Solution – building on strong foundations, honing and elevating communications

The Trust managed a smooth transition, upholding its reputation for high-quality, evidence based, content. While they were doing a lot of excellent work, there were areas of its communication that were improved, such as:

  • Establishing a strong presence and good engagement on LinkedIn
  • Clarifying its social enterprise model, with paid client work and grants enabling support work in the community
  • Honing and broadening its content to advocate for underrepresented communities in addition to the LGBTQ+ community
  • Showcasing the impact of its work on clients and partners, as well as the diverse team behind the work.

Bringing together various aspects of their communications, such as podcasts, social media content and engagement, website updates, quarterly newsletters and the impact report streamlines the Trust’s content generation, leading to a more joined up, efficient and cost effective function overall.

Working with dDigital, a loyal and dynamic partner of the Trust, the Trust has been able to grow and shrink the amount of support required at short notice, as the landscape has changed over time.

dDigital has also played a valuable role in sourcing and supporting new talent for the Trust, to respond to growth requirements quickly and easily when needed, saving on recruitment costs.

Outcome – plenty of external recognition that’s richly deserved

The Diversity Trust now receives numerous approaches from organisations wanting to partner with it, including large corporate organisations. dDigital has helped to flesh out these partnerships through joint campaigns and reports.

The Diversity Trust is also quoted alongside large multinational names in the social impact space. Its content has been cited by prominent government and media sources and interest in its tailored DEI training sessions remains very high. The Trust also receives many approaches by organisations looking to be featured on its sign-posting microsite, where it now features a rich variety of helpful resources for people seeking specialist support.

Off the back of a strong working relationship, dDigital’s director has been co-opted to support the Trust as a non-executive Director of the Board, Susie’s first such appointment where she is gaining valuable experience.

You can learn more about the Diversity Trust and its services at, or follow them on social media, @DiversityTrust.

“Partnering with dDigital has had a really positive impact. The significant increase in our reach, especially through our website and social media, has meant that we are far more known within the DEI space than we were in 2019. But also personally working with Susie and the team has been hugely beneficial and has really helped to shape the organisation as we develop and grow. The partnership has had a far reaching impact on us and our audiences. I am truly grateful for the support dDigital has given us over the years.”

Berkeley Wilde, Chief Executive of the Diversity Trust

dDigital’s partnership with the Diversity Trust in numbers…

10 000+ social media followers, up from 4,300

300% increase in total annual website views, vs 2019

3.5 years partnering with dDigital

1 non-executive board member co-opted