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Seems as good a time as any to start a blog.

It’s one thing, falling in love with the idea of being a writer, but how do you get there? I suppose, you have to start somewhere.

Like everything, it’s going to be a journey. Maybe, sharing my journey and my many mistakes and lessons learned will add something to someone, somewhere in the world.

At school I was best at maths-based subjects, so I went to university and focused in humanities, majoring in psychology and law. I was much better at psychology, it came much more naturally to me, so I went on to do my LLB.

I had always been passionate about helping the community and the underdog, so I went to work as an attorney in a corporate law firm, specialising in private equity and then into banking and finance.

After much agonising, existential crises and one absolute gem of good advice, I finally started listening to the little voice in the back of my head. The voice telling me what was important to me.

I realised how genuinely grateful I am for the opportunities I have had and that I wanted to help other young people to access opportunities. So, I secured an excellent, feel-good AND well-paid job in sustainability, where my role was exactly that. Amazing, considering the round-about route I’d taken to get there. Despite my lack of any formal experience, and it being the most challenging thing I’ve ever done, I was OK at it!

For five years I helped build a social investment team with phenomenal individuals in it and was incentivised to stay, so I resigned to…

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