Winds of change

I learned some interesting things tonight. I attended a B Corp social and was pleasantly surprised.

I learned that the B Corp movement is about more than changing your company’s constitutional documents to balance the needs of all stakeholders, not just shareholders.


I realised that the movement is also about creating communities of people who share an interest in business being a source for good. It’s about bringing these people together into the same room, and letting them benenfit from their common passions, innovative approaches and positive energy.

The people I met had different products or services they wanted to provide, but they all seemed to have a common goal regarding how they wanted their businesses to run. They wanted to commit to business for good, and be held legally accountable for this, even if it means prioritising positive impacts over shorter term profits.


It was clear to me that B Corp owners and managers trust other B Corps and the people behind them. They want them to succeed and are confident about including them in their supply chains. They support, and are proud to be associated with, eachother. Employees of B Corps seem like positive people, motivated and fulfilled by what they do.


I felt I could relate easily to the people in the room and enjoyed the night. I also learned that February is B Corp month, so I’m looking forward to learning more!

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