Video to tell your story

You know how powerful videos are in communicating your message. But it’s not cheap, quick or easy getting ideas translated into reality.

We have helped clients to create live action and animation videos for years. In doing so, we’ve developed a tested process to deliver high quality messaging, smoothly and effectively.

Here are our tips for creating a great video:

60 to 90 seconds. Max. No more! If you want your message to sink in, this is the rule. If you would prefer, we can cut a short and longer version of your video, but our advice is use the shorter version.

Also, three ideas, max. Never underestimate how additional information dilutes the message and confuses viewers. Put emphasis on the primary message and make sure thats what’s retained.

Focus on the feeling you want to evoke. Will they feel inspired, motivated, empowered? Plan and write the script for your video with that in mind.

Clients consistently over-estimate the concentration skills of their audience. They forget how much they compete with for viewer time and attention.

If you want to understand more about the usual timeline and process, this is how we would map out creating a 60 second animation:

  1. Concept – What do you want the viewer to leave understanding or knowing? At this stage we will also show you a few visual ideas of look and feel (which will incorporate your brand guidelines).
  2. Script and sign off from client.
  3. Storyboard & Design – This will have the script and the visuals to show how the video will come together.
  4. Once the above is signed off – The voice over is recorded with the voice artist. Once this is done, any changes to the script, or the voice, would have to be re-read (which incurs an additional cost).
  5. Animation begins. The video will be timed to the recorded voice, this is why it has to be done before this stage.
  6. Delivery to client. You will have two rounds for suggesting changes to the animation, if needs be.
  7. Once approved, we will send you low and hi-res versions depending on what you are going to use the video for (e.g, if it will be played on a large screen in a conference centre, or needs to be uploaded to your webpage or online portal).

Following the process above, depending on the approvals along the way, animations take approx. 3 – 4 weeks to create.

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